June 10, 2023

After taking his canine for a brief stroll down a path in the back of his home, a person in Stone Ridge, New York, made a surprising discovery.

“I appeared down and noticed my sneakers and denims coated in ticks,” the person, who goes by the username voltrodeath3 on Reddit, informed Newsweek. “I undoubtedly was shocked […] Particularly [by] those on my denims as they had been rapidly crawling up my leg.”

In complete, he collected roughly 40 ticks from his physique. “The ticks had been totally on my legs and ft,” he mentioned. “A few of them made it to my head. Nearly the entire ticks did not connect themselves to me so I simply used my fingers [to get them off].”

The person discovered roughly 40 ticks on his physique after a ten minute stroll behind his home in New York. His canine was coated in ticks too.

The ticks had been additionally throughout his canine.

Taking to Reddit, voltrodeath3 shared the pores and skin crawling expertise. “Ten-minute stroll and I find yourself coated in about 40 ticks. Kill me,” he mentioned in a put up on Could 14, together with an image of the ticks.

The put up has obtained over 57,000 upvotes on the subreddit r/mildlyinfuriating and an additional 13,000 upvotes on r/Wellthatsucks.

“The blood drained from my face after seeing this pic,” mentioned one person.

“The place do you reside so I can keep the hell away from that space,” mentioned one other.

Voltrodeath3 mentioned that ticks had been quite common within the space, though often not in such massive numbers. “We’ve had a couple of years the place they had been actually unhealthy, however that is most likely the worst I’ve ever seen,” he mentioned. “I wish to take walks with my canine on a regular basis. However possibly now I am going to rethink lmao.”

Though discovering a bulging, blood-sucking insect in your physique isn’t enjoyable, the ailments that ticks carry might be even worse. When a tick finds an appropriate feeding web site—i.e. your leg—it grasps the pores and skin and cuts into the floor, inserting its feeding tube and its saliva, which can comprise numerous disease-causing microbes.

Within the U.S. ticks are identified to hold Bourbon virus, babesiosis, Rocky Mountain noticed fever and Lyme illness, to call a couple of. Not all ticks will carry these ailments, however the CDC recommends seeing your physician when you come down with a fever, aches and pains or a rash after being bitten.

Sporting lengthy clothes can cut back your publicity to those bugs, however it’s not a assure. “I used to be carrying denims and an everyday T-shirt on the time [but] there was lots of tall grass within the space so I consider that is the place they got here from,” voltrodeath3 mentioned.

To keep away from tick bites, the CDC recommends utilizing EPA-registered insect repellents and avoiding areas with excessive grass and leaf litter. You must also examine your clothes and physique for ticks after lengthy walks outside.