October 6, 2022


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Kinesiology Taping for Golfer’s Elbow

Accidents can occur anytime in sports activities. They will occur by accidents, end result from accidents involved sports activities, or simply as part of athletic exercise because of the physique’s nature. 

There are additionally accidents acquired from an excessive amount of repetition of actions. An instance of that is generally often known as “golfer’s elbow”.

Golfer’s elbow, medically often known as medial epicondylitis, is an harm frequent to most golfers because of the extreme use of the muscle tissue and joints across the elbow space. The irritation is just like that of tendonitis and might have an effect on gripping and physique mechanics, which may later lead to poor efficiency. 

Let’s discover how kinesiology tape, or k-tape, can assist!

What are the frequent signs of “golfer’s elbow?” 

Even if you’re not taking part in golf, you may nonetheless expertise “golfer’s elbow.” Listed below are some issues to look out for:

  • Stiff elbow 
  • Ache contained in the interior elbow
  • Lowering power within the wrists and fingers
  • Incapability to grip objects correctly 
  • Numb fingers 

What are the standard causes of “golfer’s elbow?” 

As talked about, a “golfer’s elbow” is an harm brought on by extreme repetition of actions. 

As a golfer, even you probably have good kind, you may nonetheless undergo from harm if the muscle teams and joints concerned should not educated sufficient to deal with the fixed pressure. Improper use of the tools and utilizing the flawed instruments also can result in harm. 

Who’s susceptible to “golfer’s elbow?” 

If you happen to belong to the next group of individuals, you may be at increased threat of experiencing “golfer’s elbow”:

  • Those that are between the ages of 45 to 64 years outdated
  • Those that smoke
  • Those that are obese
  • Those that do the next actions frequently:
    • Taking part in golf, baseball, softball, any racket sports activities
    • Lifting weights
    • Working utilizing a pc
    • Portray
    • Hammering
    • Chopping wooden
    • Carrying a heavy suitcase

How do you diagnose “golfer’s elbow?”  

As a way to make certain that what you’re affected by is “golfer’s elbow”, the next assessments should be accomplished by an expert:

  • Bodily examination
  • Bone scan
  • Ultrasound 
  • MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging 
  • CT scan 
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What are some therapies for “golfer’s elbow?” 

  • Ice or chilly compress 
  • Correct relaxation  
  • Bodily remedy
  • NSAID or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (equivalent to naproxen or ibuprofen)
  • Steroid injection
  • Brace 
  • Kinesiology tape

Questioning if it’s “tennis elbow” or “golfer’s elbow?”

“Golfer’s elbow,” or medial epicondylitis, is an harm the place the ache is felt extra within the interior elbow. Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis, is an harm the place the ache is extra centered on the outer elbow. 

In case you are taking part in golf, you could be extra susceptible to affected by a “golfer’s elbow.” Nonetheless, if you happen to play any racket sport, you’re more likely to purchase both of the mentioned elbow accidents. 

Selecting Okay-Tape for Therapy

Now that we now have acquired the fundamental data that we’d like relating to “golfer’s elbow”, let’s deal with the remedy. As talked about, one of many therapies which can be relevant to the mentioned elbow harm is the usage of kinesiology tape. 

In case you are not acquainted with the time period, perhaps you could have seen them on televised main sports activities. If you happen to discover professional athletes taking part in with some thick, monochrome sticker tape on numerous elements of their physique, these should not pads. These are kinesiology tapes. 

So, why do athletes use these tapes even in a sport? How do these work? 

Kinesiology Sports activities Tape is particular tape utilized to a sure portion of the physique that wants assist. The tape’s adhesion helps in stabilizing that portion as you carry out a sure motion. Since it’s versatile, there are not any restrictions to the motion, however it’ll stop you from improper kind. 

The impact is just like the elbow and knee pads however with Kinesio tapes, there isn’t a must wrap circularly. Some manufacturers declare that their Okay-tapes can scale back swelling and improve blood move within the muscle tissue. 

If you happen to put a Okay-tape in your elbow, it may possibly support your repetitive actions and scale back pressure. That’s the reason the mentioned tape is efficient in treating “golfer’s elbow.” 

Listed below are different accidents that may be handled utilizing Okay-tapes: 

  • Tennis elbow
  • Rotator cuff accidents
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Hamstring accidents
  • Shin splints
  • Achilles tendonitis

Essential Taping Ideas

Let’s say you purchase Okay-tape, equivalent to these from Hampton Adams, and use it to scale back harm. 

You may delay its longevity and probably scale back pores and skin irritation with the next suggestions: 

  • Wipe the pores and skin that you’ll be taping with a pad soaked in alcohol to take away residues from lotions and oils. 
  • As you chop the tape, spherical the perimeters to stop it from being caught by your clothes. 
  • The tape should be saved for so long as 48 hours. If you happen to really feel any pores and skin irritation whereas utilizing the tape, take away it instantly. 
  • The tape can keep hooked up and you’ll bathe whereas it’s on you. It may be dried by patting it with a towel. 
  • If the tape needs to be eliminated, do it slowly. 
  • Tapes with “built-in stretch” needn’t be prolonged whereas being utilized. 
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Find out how to Apply Okay-Tape for “Golfer’s Elbow”

Though the ache of the “golfer’s elbow” is coming from the within, it may be mitigated by including assist on the surface, as a result of when a motion is carried out, the pressure is decreased because of the adhesion and suppleness of the Okay-tape. 

Even if you’re resting, you may nonetheless bend or transfer your elbow usually with the assistance of the Kinesio tape. 

So, how can one apply the tape to deal with “golfer’s elbow?” Simply observe the steps under:

  1. Clear the injured elbow and ensure there isn’t a stable or liquid residue. Make sure that there might be no drops of sweat dripping out of your shoulder or arms in the direction of the elbow. 
  2. Put together the mandatory tapes. Minimize 1 tape that’s 25cm lengthy. Then, minimize one other tape measuring 25cm additionally however divide it into 2 strips, lengthwise. Don’t overlook to spherical the perimeters.
  3. Place your arm at a 90-degree angle with the forearm and fingers pointing upward. 
  4. Find the injured a part of the elbow. It may be discovered at a selected bony bump of the interior elbow. 
  5. Utilizing one of many strips, stretch it with about 80 % stress (simply gauge the quantity of stress) and apply it over the affected half. The quantity of stress is because of the truth that your arm is bent 90 levels. When will probably be straightened, the tape will simply contract usually because it was tensed when it was positioned initially. The position should be alongside the arm vertically. Ensure the ends of the strip should not tensed.
  6. Subsequent, repeat the identical process with the remaining strip. This time, the strip should intersect with the earlier one, the place the frequent level of intersection is the bony bump. The end result ought to appear to be a skinny, elongated letter “X” alongside your elbow. 
  7. Afterward, use the final piece of tape and lay it above the beforehand utilized strips. Use solely round 20 % stress and ensure nearly all of the elbow, together with the purpose of intersection, is roofed by the final piece. 
  8. After laying all of the strips, apply stress by rubbing alongside the tape to make sure the adhesive sticks to the floor. 

There could be many alternative methods of making use of the kinesiology tape. An important half is that the tape should cowl the elbow space and that irrespective of how a lot you progress, the tape nonetheless stays hooked up to the half. 

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What are the advantages of utilizing kinesiology tape?

Realizing what kinesiology tape can do, let’s check out what the clear advantages of utilizing it are. Remember the fact that kinesiology tape is for use when some soreness or harm is felt. It should not be utilized for aesthetics solely, just like how headbands and armbands are worn. 

Listed below are all of the attainable advantages that you could be get if you happen to use a Kinesio tape correctly: 

  • Discount of joint irritation by way of offering extra allowance for the joint to maneuver 
  • Improve in therapeutic capabilities
  • Discount of irritation from tendonitis
  • Ache reduction
  • Lower in threat of harm 
  • Reinforcement of motion patterns for discount of muscle overuse
  • Enhancement of muscle activation throughout athletic performances or any every day exercise

How lengthy does it take to heal from “golfer’s elbow?” 

In delicate circumstances, “golfer’s elbow” can heal totally inside weeks or a number of months so long as remedy is utilized persistently. If the case is extreme, which means the ache is consistently rising for months to the purpose it’s insupportable, then you definately may want surgical procedure. 

You need to all the time seek the advice of a medical skilled for an correct analysis. 

If “golfer’s elbow” is left untreated, what can occur subsequent? 

If you happen to don’t need to deal with your “golfer’s elbow” and resolve to toughen it out, you may be dealing with extra issues sooner or later. 

Apart from swelling, you may need problem in making actions from the arm with an injured elbow. 

To not point out, extra physique ache could be felt because you’ll are inclined to compromise your posture or kind attributable to having a “golfer’s elbow.” 

How efficient is kinesiology tape in comparison with common athletic tape and bracing?

In comparison with common athletic tape, Okay-tape is confirmed to be extra comfy. Comprised of polymers, it’s each sturdy and versatile. Due to this fact, whereas your kind is being stabilized due to the Kinesio tapes, it is not going to restrict your vary of movement, not like common athletic tape. 

In comparison with brace, Kinesio tape is seen as higher because the circulation is just not being impeded. Bracing is best used for conditions that required rigidity whereas a particular motion is carried out, like in weightlifting. It’s advisable to think about the depth of the exercise first when selecting between taping and bracing. 


Kinesiology tapes can assist deal with golfer’s elbow. Nonetheless, it is advisable continuously monitor the state of your harm. In case your scenario improves, then the remedy is ok. If it doesn’t for a few weeks, then will probably be higher to hunt instant medical assist, as a substitute.